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Make Your Home Party-Ready

Whether plans call for an influx of overnight guests or simply having a few friends over for coffee, quick and easy fix-ups are the most fun and often the best for making guests feel warmly welcomed. Just think of the colours of the season for inspiration, and instead of a routinely reaching for the scrub brush, pick up a can or two of spray paint when readying your home for a party.

“It’s easy to liven up a room for entertaining by brightening the colour of furniture and accessories with spray paint,” says design expert, author and do-it-yourself television personality Kathy Peterson.

Has that picture frame in the bathroom lost its luster? Need a like-new look for a tired nightstand in the guest room? Want to infuse accessories with holiday hues? For less than $3.99 per can, there are spray paints in a broad array of colours for creating almost any look you could want for surfaces ranging from metal, wood and wicker to plastic, ceramics and more.

As cooler weather brings many people indoors, Peterson recommends decorating with one of her favourite new paints, Krylon H2O™, a revolutionary water-based latex spray paint. While you can use it outdoors, because it is non-flammable, low odour and cleans up with soap-and-water, you now can spray paint indoors, too. As a result, good weather is no longer a factor in spray painting. Krylon H2O washes off hands with soap and water, plus overspray can be easily wiped up with a wet sponge within 20 minutes of application.

With Krylon H2O, you get a smooth, durable finish without brush marks, and have an easy time covering hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. It makes changing colours almost as easy as changing clothes.

For fall clambakes and Halloween parties, freshen up the worn, stained, or peeling surfaces of outdoor light fixtures, patio furniture, shutters, fences and mailboxes with spray paint by refreshing existing colours or introducing the colours of fall. On resin patio furniture and other plastic items, use Krylon Fusion for Plastic®. It is available in 32 colours including gentle neutrals, bold fall colours and beautiful satin and metallic shimmer shades, plus six Textured Shimmer shades and Mystic Prism Effect.

For holiday preparations, Peterson tells party hosts, “Have fun with colour, pattern and texture. Mix and match paint colours with holiday pillows, richly-patterned ribbon, and cloth napkins. Paint a metal table burgundy, an extra wooden chair deep green, and accents with metallics. Add evergreens and baubles to a newly-painted pot and cover tables with dramatic tablecloths which are easily made using a few yards of fabric.”

With a little planning, it’s easy to spray paint inside or outside when protected from wind and blowing leaves, dirt and debris. First, decide where to work. Almost any area with ventilation is acceptable. Spread drop cloths or newspaper to completely cover surrounding areas, or better yet, use a large cardboard box to serve as your own home-made paint booth. A box opened at one end offers the quickest and easiest way to contain overspray. For very large projects, re-use an appliance box obtained from a local store.

With any paint, make sure your surface is clean, dull and dry. When working with multiple colours or stencils, use painters’ tape or newspaper to mask off areas to remain unpainted.

Next, point and spray! Hold the can 10-12 inches from the surface. Start the spray off the surface and continue each pass off the other side. Spray in a sweeping motion, keeping an even distance from the surface. Apply a thin coat and wait 30 seconds. Apply multiple thin coats to avoid runs and drips, allowing the project to dry before turning it to paint the other side.

For more home decorating ideas, visit the Krylon website at www.krylon.ca.