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Say “I Do” to Preserving Wedding Memories

He popped the question and you said “yes”! As soon as you can, you journal a note about the happy occasion and then download and print out photos of the two of you to share with family and friends. Perhaps you’ve already started a scrapbook about your courtship, which you’ll share with your children and grandchildren someday. Photos, wedding invitations, love letters and other special papers preserve your personal history. New paper preservatives on the market today ensure that your memories remain intact, to have and to hold forever.

If you’re one of the 23 millions Americans who celebrate life through scrapbooking, then you’re aware of the beautiful papers, rubber stamps, stickers and other embellishments available. If you’re not, then your upcoming wedding is an ideal time to get acquainted with your local scrapbooking store or craft chain. To get started, consult one of the dozens of scrapbooking magazines and instruction books on the market today.

Photos are fundamental to any scrapbook. If you have a digital camera, you know that digital photography is easier to manipulate, reprint, and share. You may have also discovered that photos printed at home are more likely to smear, run and fade than traditional photos, since computer printer inks are not moisture resistant.

Krylon, a leader in the preservation of fine art for more than 50 years, recently introduced Preserve It!™, a new digital photo and paper protectant that doubles the life of digital photos and other computer-generated documents. Archival-safe Preserve It!™ protects digital photos from moisture damage, smudges and UV fading. It offers the same protection to any item printed by computer, fax, copier or other digital product, including a bride-to-be’s journaled thoughts and dreams.

You’ll want to fill your scrapbook pages with more than photos. Love letters, ticket stubs, newspaper clippings, napkins or matchbooks from “your” restaurant, funny sayings or the lyrics from “your” song will help capture the magic of your romance. In the past, scrapbookers were concerned about the adverse affects acidic papers might have on their photos. Today, Make It Acid-Free!™ from Krylon reduces this danger by neutralizing papers’ acids. This acid-free and scrapbooking-safe aerosol spray also extends the life of paper mementos by protecting them from becoming brittle.

When you discover how easy it is to be creative with the many paper products available, you might consider making your own custom wedding invitations on your home computer. Vellum, a sophisticated, translucent paper, is one of the hottest trends for wedding invitations. Don’t let its seeming fragility scare you away. To ensure crisp, smudge-proof printing, spray Preserve It! on the vellum first, before printing, and then again when you’re done. Krylon Spray Adhesive offers a fast, no-show hold for vellum.

Another way to add instant sophistication to your invitations is with Krylon’s acid-free Glitter Spray or Webbing Spray. Embellish invitations, envelopes, place cards and thank you notes to create a coordinated look for your wedding. Before sending out your invitations, use Preserve It! to protect hand-written envelopes or computer-generated mailing labels.

As you set up your new household, remember that Preserve It! will help protect important documents, like leases, deeds, and contracts.

Paper is the traditional gift for a first wedding anniversary, and with a little planning and several precautions, the fragile papers that contain your wedding memories will last for many anniversaries to come.