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Fabulous Flower Pots

Fabulous Flower Pots

by Krylon

Tired of the standard terra cotta hue? Brighten your flower pots in minutes with a fresh coat of Krylon® Dual™ Paint + Primer.

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2 hours
  • Krylon Dual Paint + Primer
    • Sun Yellow #8819
    • Sky Blue #8813
    • Ivy Leaf #8810
  • Terra Cotta Flower Pots
  • Newspaper
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Drop Cloth
  1. Set up a paint area by covering a table (or other flat work surface) and the floor with a drop cloth or newspapers
  2. Make sure area is well-ventilated
  3. Clean surfaces of the pots to remove any dirt
  4. Choose your color scheme for each pot
  5. Coat the top, outside edge as well as the top, inside edge of your first terra cotta flower pot with the Krylon Dual Paint + Primer color of your choice
  6. Allow paint to dry completely
  7. Tape the outside edge of the terra cotta pot where you want to begin the second paint color
  8. Make sure that the edge of the tape is pressed down firmly
  9. Cover previously spray painted portion of the terra cotta pot with newspaper, wrapping paper down into the inside of the pot
  10. Coat the uncovered portion of the terra cotta pot with the second Krylon Dual Paint + Primer color of your choice
  11. Allow spray paint to dry
  12. Gently remove the newspaper and tape

Fabulous Flower Pots was designed by Krylon.

Accent the outdoors with a hint of your personal style by finding inspiration from more Outdoor spray paint projects from Krylon.

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