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Easter Egg Décor

Easter Egg Décor

by Roxi Phillips

Welcome Spring by decorating giant Easter eggs with these clever spray painting techniques!

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1 hour per egg
  • Krylon® ColorMaster Spray Paints
    • Chocolate Egg- ColorMaster: Satin Brown Boots (53562), Leather Brown (52501)
    • Playful Polka-dots Egg- ColorMaster: Satin White (53564), Satin Hyacinth (53525), Catalina Mist (53529)
    • Elegant Metallic Egg- Brushed Metallic: Satin Nickel (51255), Sparkling Canyon (51252)
  • Krylon® Easy-Tack™ Repositionable Adhesive (7020)
  • Krylon® Glitter Spray: Shimmering Silver (402) for Playful Polka-dot egg and Elegant Metallic egg
  • Giant eggs: 7" or 11"
  • Self-Adhesive embellishments: foam shapes, crystal gem-stones
  • Stencils (purchased or hand-cut): various sized circles, flourishes
  • Rick-Rack: 1 ¼" wide, ¾ yard
  • Paper for masking paint area and cutting stencils
  • Craft scissors

Chocolate Egg

  1. Spray entire egg with Krylon® Satin Brown Boots
  2. Spray one side of Rick-Rack with Krylon® Easy-Tack™ Repositionable Adhesive; adhere to mid-section of spray painted egg
  3. Spray entire egg and Rick-Rack with Krylon® Leather Brown
  4. Remove Rick-Rack and embellish with self-adhesive shapes as desired

Playful Polka-dots Egg

  1. Spray entire egg with Krylon® Satin White
  2. Cut various sized circles from masking paper, spray backside of circles with Krylon® Easy-Tack™ Repositionable Adhesive (or use pre-cut circle stickers); apply to egg in random order
  3. Spray top half of egg with Krylon® Hyacinth and bottom half with Krylon® Catalina Mist, allowing paint to fade into the other at middle area of egg
  4. Remove circle masks once dry
  5. Embellish each circle with self-adhesive shapes
  6. Finish egg with a coating of Krylon® Glitter Spray

Elegant Metallic Egg

  1. Spray entire egg with Krylon® Brushed Metallic Satin Nickel
  2. Spray Krylon® Easy-Tack™ Repositionable Adhesive to backside of flourish stencil
  3. Apply stencil to front of egg
  4. Spray entire egg with Krylon® Sparkling Canyon
  5. Remove circle masks once dry
  6. Embellish flourish with self-adhesive gems
  7. Finish egg with a coating of Krylon® Glitter Spray
  8. Spray with Krylon® Glitter Spray

Designer’s Tip:

Designing and cutting your own stencils is easy with personal die-cut machines. Try cutting stencils from self-adhesive vinyl for flexible shapes for use on uneven surfaces.

Easter Egg Décor was designed by Roxi Phillips.

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