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Springtime Pedestal Jar

Springtime Pedestal Jar

by Roxi Phillips

Freshen up your home décor using the colors of spring with this easy and inexpensive seasonal project.

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2 hours

Seasonal Materials (Optional)

  • Pastel Colored Plastic Eggs
  • Robin’s Eggs & Nest Material
  • Jelly Beans (or other seasonal candies)
  1. Thoroughly clean jars, lids and candlestick
  2. Dry jars, lids and candlesticks, as needed
  3. Mask seals on jars with painter’s tape, if needed
  4. Coat candlesticks with Krylon Dark Bronze Dual™ Paint + Primer Hammered Finish, according to manufacturer’s instructions
  5. Repeat spray paint coats, if necessary
  6. Coat jar lids with Krylon Dark Bronze Dual™ Paint + Primer Hammered Finish
  7. Repeat coats, if necessary
  8. Mix two-part epoxy, according to manufacturer’s instructions
  9. Apply epoxy to top of candlestick
  10. Center candlestick atop glass jar and adhere
  11. Allow epoxy to cure completely
  12. Fill jars with pastel colored candy, eggs and other decorative accents to fit the spring season
  13. Cover jars with lids

Springtime Pedestal Jar were designed by Roxi Phillips.

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